Ramaphosa: No going back to Level 5 lockdown


South Africans moved to level 5, A nationwide lockdown on the 26th of March 2020. Which was required to keep going for 21 days. This period had been stretched out for a further fourteen days. 

The lockdown continued as Government gradually loosens up rules and guidelines and gradually opens the economy for workers to return back to their duties. 

At this time, South Africa economy was in bad situation with a large number of workers who have lost their jobs because of organizations not been able to pay staff after the lockdown. Different organizations have even closed down because they couldn't bear the cost of the assets to keep their business running or to pay for over the top lease charges. 

As much as we need to accept that the lockdown has helped individuals - when the unwinding was facilitated to what exactly is it today - we understand that we had just hindered the procedure of contaminations and now we're at a point where we see day by day disease rates flooding 6000 new diseases. 

This has additionally constrained the governments to release billions of rands to help its declining economy in every aspect of misery. From assigning special funding for residents who have lost their business to assisting organizations with funds to pay their staff, etc. The Government, truth be told isn't fit to supplement South Africans with more funds if we need to endure through a further "LEVEL 5 lockdown". 

South Africans won't be constrained into a further lockdown or a level 5 lockdown on account of the monetary emergency just as attempting to guard individuals in their employments and to keep organizations open. 

The current effect has influenced South Africans harshly and a similar implementation won't be made. 

We are presently expected to have the option to live with the infection and to beat it, to protect ourselves and our families. 

We're bound to move totally out of lockdown than to move once again into a progressively severe lockdown. 

All things considered, it gives us South Africans more worry that the contamination rates are going to increase much higher and we are questionable to when we will arrive at a pinnacle or when we will see the disease rates decline. 

As President Cyril Ramaphosa has stated, it is presently in our grasp. We have to give a valiant effort to avoid the infection and we must choose the option to live with it for some time.

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