Video: After Unknown Person Mistakenly Sent 10 Million Naira To Zlatan Ibile, See What He Did


Have you ever wake up to an alert containing huge amount of money? If you receive an alert containing such a huge amount of money in this hard time, what would you do? Would you do what Zlatan Ibile did after he received his?

Zlatan Ibile received a 10 million naira from an unknown person, what he did is commendable and funny as well.

Zlatan Ibile took to his Instagram handle to disclose that an unknown person sent ten million naira to him. He was not expecting such amount from anyone, so he received the money with surprise. Instead of him to hide the money, he took to Instagram to look for the sender.

In the Instagram post, Zlatan Ibile asked to know who sent the 10 million naira to him. He asked the person to identify in the comment section of his Instagram post.

Apart from asking to know who the sender is, Zlatan Ibile posted a video where he shows how happy he is as he dances around.