The reaction King Monada made left people in stitches after a fan did this unexpected thing on him

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People on social media could not stop themselves from laughing after seeing a video of a fan that did something on King Monada. People on social media laughed at the reaction that King Monada made after this fan did something on him.

Looking at the reaction that King Monada made you could clearly see that he was not expecting this to happen to him. He was clearly shocked after what had happened to him.

In this video we see a fan that kissed King Monada while he was sitting in a car. This fan must clearly love King Monada as he expressed that by kissing him.

Shimza also laughed after seeing this video as he also expressed that there is nothing that you can do if a fan can do something like this on you.

Here are some of the comment that people on social media made after seeing this video of a fan kissing King Monada.

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