See What You Can Do In United Kingdom But You Can't Enjoy In United State

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Here is it, in United kingdom we can go to university and we get a room all to ourselves. Unlike in the USA where you fork out a ton of cash on university only to share a room with some random persons which implies no privacy.

Here's what a university dorm in the USA looks like:

Here's what a university dorm in the UK looks like:

In the UK, you have privacy of your own room. You pay for your own room. You get your own room and you don't have to worry about sharing with someone you may not get on with. In the USA, if you end up with a boring nerd who goes on and on and on about quiz shows, too bad. You now have to sleep in the same room as them for the rest of university year. If you end up with a bully, you may be able to get a change of roommate but that isn't guaranteed. You will have to put up with some random people regardless.

In the UK though, you never have to worry. You don't have to worry about ending up with a boring nerd or a bully. You have your own space, your own privacy, and get to sleep without hearing the snores of your roommate.

There's also drinking. Americans have to wait until 21 to go to the pub and buy a beer, while we can buy alcohol as soon as we turn 18, and have it in a restaurant at 16. At any age older than five, we can drink alcohol as long as our parents don't get us drunk on it or give us too much of it. I wouldn't recommend giving it to anyone under 13 though, and anyone under 18 should avoid drinking too much as it can have effects on the developing brain.

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