Can Muslims receive COVID19 vaccine? Islamic council seeks halal ruling before COVID19 vaccination.

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Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which has killed many across the world, many countries are in a race to be the first to develop the vaccine for the disease, and the country that has already developed the vaccine is in a race to secure doses.

Muslim countries are among the affected countries by the pandemic, a country like Indonesia step up its plans to seal a deal with China to get millions of doses for its Citizens.

But the question is raising again if Muslims can accept the Covid-19 vaccination under Islamic law.

The Ulema Council in Indonesia issued a fatwa in 2018 declaring a vaccine of disease in the body forbidden under Islamic law. According to Daily Trust post.

The Muslim cleric is questioning the use of pork in the production of the Covid-19 vaccine which is forbidden for the Muslims and may delay the immunization campaigns.

Gelatin derived from Pork are used to stabilizer vaccine during storage although many pharmaceutical companies have produced a pork-free vaccine in years back.

Saudi and Malaysia based pharmaceutical companies are still working on one of their own but research show pork gelatin will continue to be used in the years to come.

Indonesia's government has promised to carry the country cleric along when it's the time because the vaccine free of pork gelatin is yet to taste well and approve for use.

The argument among the cleric is now different, some argue that there are deferent between eating pork direct and using it as medication. Some go with the idea of using it as medication while some called it complete haram (forbidden).

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