Why UDA Urbanus Ngengele Is Unstoppable In Machakos Senatorial Poll Today


UDA party is expecting a win in Machakos today to stamp their authority like it happened in Msambeni constituency as well London Ward by-election. They are looking forward to have Urbanus Ngengele defeat Agnes Kavindu of Wiper and with a wide margin.

Already Urbanus Ngengele enjoy a massive support in Ukambani and majorly in a Machakos due to his unending efforts to help the vulnerable and the poor. It's clear he has been using his resources to take care of the people needs in Machakos especially in provision of water which is an issue in Machakos as opposed to Agnes Kavindu.

Urbanus Ngengele As well enjoy the support of DP Ruto and Johnstone Muthama who was initially in Wiper. It's clear that Muthama has massive support in Machakos owing to his history in politics which has been bred in the county. It's for this reason that Urbanus Ngengele is seemingly unstoppable in his bid to be the Senator for Machakos.

Urbanus Ngengele support in Machakos has seen Wiper and Maendelea Chap Chap unite all for panicking that going separately they will definetely lose to Tangatanga. However as it happened in Msambweni where ODM candidate lost to an independent Tangatanga member despite him enjoying the support of Uhuru Kenyatta, the same is likely to reoccur in Machakos becouse of sympathy votes.

Time however will tell as by today or tomorrow Machakos County will be able to know their Senator. Clearly however is that Wiper has panicked especially due to Agnes Kavindu questionable academic qualifications. May the best candidate win in today Machakos Senatorial poll.

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