6 Reasons why bhang cannot be legalized in kenya


There has been grievances in kenyan as rasta family filed a case on Marijuana legalization. The greatest question Kenyans are asking is:will the government listen to their grievances. The rasta family efforts may be futile due to some reasons. Below are the reason kenyans are refuting legalization ;

1.The main reason the government cannot legalize bhang is because most of government so called "big fish" are the main bhang cartels.Everything legal is cheap and anything illegal is expensive. Then, why should they legalized to lower bhang price.

2.If the government legalize weed, alot of young people will be hooked up. This simply means labour force will be distorted beyond repair. Addiction is the gist of Marijuana abuse.

3.Marijuana causes social problems. High HTC level can really cause mental disorder which may lead to impaired judgement.

4.Pot abuse in school causes deterioration of grades. It may result to expulsion due to zero tolerance behaviors.Infact bhang should be prohibited in schools to enhance learning.

5.It is evident that hemp is a stimulant. Many drivers tends to abuse it for pleasure while driving. This causes accidents leading to many people loosing their life.

6.As an influence of hemp, weed abuse may be "inherited". Many children tends to come out of their mentors wing by imitating what they see their elders doing. This may result to bhang abuse at a very young age.

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