Rasta takes a U-Turn on everyone

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In a surprising twist of things the famous Rasta has pierced a lot of people's hearts with his job after the passing of FW De Klerk who was former apartheid president in South Africa.

Rasta is being dragged by the black twitter after showing off his painting of the late former president. His crime against the public was that unlike the previous paintings, this one of De Klerk actually looks good.

This has sparked a movement within the black citizens who now believe that Rasta is a sell out since he was able to be a real artist for a white man whilst he always produced funny pictures of blacks.

Comparing this new painting with the previous ones like Joe Mafela, Sfiso Ncwane, and many others.

Rasta is currently in the Cape Town to deliver the painting of FW De Klerk.

These are some of the Tweets about this:

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