The Most Important Thing Footballers Don't Understand (Opinion)

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Most footballers in the universe will never tell you what the most important thing in football is. Many will think that footballers often go down due to pride.

Superstar players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and the likes often know the secret behind the scenes.

Lionel Messi does it better. The first touch. Close control can be his greatest strength but Messi knows better than anyone else that the first touch gives you control of the ball.and gives you direction.

Whether stopping the ball at your feet or making a move away from your opponent to a more advanced space on the pitch. That what takes off your opponent on the pitch by getting defenders off guard.

Faking stopping and turning away with pace gives you an advantage that your opponent rarely gets to recover.

Once you perfect your first touch, it allows you to dribble past your opponent with ease. That's a trick to the upcoming footballers having dreams of reaching heights in the game can emulate.

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