Prof Wajackoyah's Manifesto

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I guess he is the most realistic politician Kenyans have ever seen. Remember your were lied after 6 months and you will be lied again with 6K. You will never learn until you experience it. See you in two years on the streets demonstrating.

This man must not be underestimated, ignored or just allowed to be. What he's doing is not comedy for those who understand. He represents a kingdom not just what we think and if prayers are not made to stop him, he's rising with such demonic, negative energy and influence in the atmosphere of Kenya. Woe unto us if we don't perceive and salvage our generation!

He gets 40% on my scale:

1. Three-day weekend is a yes - recent research shows that productivity increases when people work 4 days

2. Nairobi as commercial centre, Isiolo as government capital for central access to all citizens

3. 8 Federal governments instead of 47 county governments is a big yes!

4. Of course, deport all foreign idlers hawking maize on our streets.

Prof. Wajackoya I respect you because one you are learned, two you have life experience but your policies are driving Kenyans in a negative side of their lives. Remember we need a healthy nation and we have good mentors which we are learning from in this world, who have developed their countries without ruining their citizens or population life by use of drugs. Your policies sounds good to a mere person who is in need of cash to settle his debt using whichever way without thinking about the repercussions, this is 80 percent Christian nation which believes deeply the word of God in the Bible. But may be you can do better where Christian life is not a big deal.

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