Simple Tricks To Lose And Maintain a Healthy Weight.

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First rule to lose and maintain a healthy weight is consistency in following healthy lifestyle habits.

Things like genetics, age, gender, lifestyle, and sleep affect your weight and can make it hard to lose the weight or keep it off. But here are some of the important tips to follow to keep the weight off;

Eat lots of fruits

Fruits like apples, pears and berries are linked to less weight gain. Others like pineapples or mangoes are naturally sweet which reduces cravings for sweet stuff that add more calories.

Always eat your breakfast

breakfast sets the path for rest of the makes it easier for your body to burn off those calories throughout the day which keeps your metabolism going and prevents accumulation of fats.

Increase fiber intake in your daily diet

Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins fill you up and take longer to digest which keeps you full and satisfied.

Exercise everyday

Do your daily workouts and shower immediately to avoid toxins from going back to your body.

Do not starve yourself

Starving slows down your metabolism causing a shift in certain hormones that regulate your appetite which contributes to weight regain.

In conclusion, to make this long lasting, go slow and ease yourself into this to make it your lifestyle.

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