Baba Ijesha Should Be Sentenced To Death If Found Guilty – Tonto Dikeh

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Well known Nollywood entertainer, Tonto Dikeh demands that arrested entertainer, Baba Ijesha ought to be rebuffed seriously for se.xually attacking an underaged young girl and endeavoring to defile her twice. 

Tonto Dikeh who had before approached authorities not to award bail to Baba Ijesha after he conceded to the wrongdoing he was accused of on her Instagram page expressed in an interview with Saturday Beats that attackers should face death penalty or ought to be castrated. 

Addressing Saturday Beats detailed by Kemi Filani news, the mother criticized of how assault cases and se.xual attack has gone viral in this day and age, henceforth the requirement for extreme measure to protect victims. 

Tonto Dikeh and Baba Ijesha

"In Nigeria, instances of assault are fast assuming a threatening way that requires critical intercession. Assault, as different types of viciousness against ladies, is an encroachment on ladies' privileges, security, self-protection and nobility. There is practically zero strategy or law that ensure the casualties as they are most occasions accused, vilified and embarrassed by society on the off chance that it is brought to the public domain. This disallows victims from accepting a mindset of revealing a particular harsh wrongdoing to the appropriate authorities. 

I accept that any individual saw as blameworthy of assault(s.exual) ought to be condemned to death either by hanging, firing squad, deadly infusion or electric shock. I would likewise suggest emasculation(castration). Assault cases and ṣe.xual attacks have become the thing to take care of, and the casualties are not getting sufficient justice. The greater part of these culprits actually walk freely," she said.

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