Former Night Worker Explains How She Used To Drug And Rob People In Drinking Joints

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It is a common thing for one to be drugged by night workers and get robbed while in a drinking joint if not careful especially if you appear to have a thick pocket.

While speaking to Speaking to Faiza Wanjiru, a former night worker who used to drug people at a popular drinking joint in Nairobi, we got enlightened on how to avoid being spiked when enjoying our free time.

According to Faiza, the first thing they look at when a man enters a club or bar is the dressing and confidence. Usually, people with money dress decently and are confident. Their victims are usually those people who are in a tables alone or in company of a friend.

Once they reach on your table, the night workers become sweet talkers targeting your drink. When you go to the toilet for a call of nature or to pick a phone call, they get the perfect moment to drug you taking you to a room whereby they steal valuables while you are unconscious.

Another method they commonly use is by placing the sleeping pills below their tongues and release it into your drink once you give them a chance to sip it.

Faiza concluded by advising men not walk around with huge cash while going to drinking joint to avoid being robbed.

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