UDA Already Celebrating an Early Lead in Kiambaa


Kiambaa Consituency had a busy day today since they were conducting a by election chaired by the IEBC chairperson Mr Wafula Chebukati.

Kariri njama cast his vote at Gachie primary school this morning.

The vote casting process began very early this morning with much anticipation from the contestants.

From the results, UDA is already winning with their Candidate :John Njuguna wanjiku leading by 55% of 3030 votes while the Jubilee party aspirant is following closely with 44% 2455 when 18 polling stations have been closed over the total poll stations 154.

The counting process is underway.The police are heavily deployed in the area.Its also reported that many elderly people turned out to vote.

Here are the preliminary results as streamed in from IEBC personnel.

1.John Njuguna wanjiku 55% of UDA

2.Kariri Njama 44% of jubilee.

These two are like the bulls fighting ,the rest are considered null .

Following this preliminary results, UDA is at a secret place in Karen and are celebrating.


Is it proper for them to celebrate while the counting process is not yet over?

Source : Gk Malema fb account, citizen news, IEBC

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