Opinion: Liquorose and Emmanuel's relationship could be under pressure because of their 'shippers'

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The successful sailing of the relationship between Emmanuel and Liquorose, which started in Big Brother Naija's house, could be under pressure due to fans' continuous involvement, in order to make sure that they both get something meaningful out of the union. After their stay in the house, the two of them have continuously been given different kinds of gifts together and not separately, by their fans.

Recently, Liquorose took to her Instagram story to share videos and notes that were offered to them by the fans, shipping them together.


See video links below:



Every relationship is expected to flow and grow naturally, but when a third party or parties seem to be making clear efforts to make sure the relationship works, it leaves the partners under the pressure of getting that relationship going, without paying much attention to the personal things about themselves.

With the way these fans are shipping them together, especially with gifts, it may lead them to hurriedly get into each other formally without checking if they are really compatible with each other.

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