5 Simple Tips on how to prevent excessive sweating in Women

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Definitely, no woman would want to be caught excessively sweating just like no woman will like to be caught with a wet armpit. Below are some tips on how women can manage excessive sweating and try to stay dry.

1) Limit Caffeine and Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods like curries or hot peppers or caffeinated drinks such as coffee and colas can cause sweating especially on the head and on the face. The best thing to do is to keep a food journal, keep a record in it of food that normally makes you sweat heavily, and try to avoid it. It is also advisable to use milder herbs to add flavor to your food.

2) Take Your Bath With Care:

It is advisable you bathe or shower daily and try to use a mild cleanser, better still you can shower more than once a day. If any odor bothers you, then you can use an antibacterial soap to reduce the presence of bacteria on your skin. Also, be sure to dry your body off completely since bacterias and germs tend to thrive in dampness.

3) Choose the perfect clothes:

Natural fabrics and loose-fitting clothes like cotton are always advisable as they let the air circulate around the skin and also slow down the buildup of moisture. Wear wicking fabrics that can pull moisture away from your skin when you are exercising, also keep an extra jacket or shirt in case you started to experience excessive sweating. Better still, you can wear black, patterned, or white clothes as they can help hide sweat stains.

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4) Try To Reduce Stress:

Stress is one major culprit and factor that can lead to sweating. Try relaxation techniques like deep breathing, yoga, and even meditation as these can actually help to control your triggers and lessen how much you sweat.

5) Always Keep Your Cool:

Lower temperatures at work and also at home can help to reduce sweating, you can also run an air conditioner or even a fan and also try to open up the windows to keep the air moving. Take cool showers and try to drink plenty of cool water. Dress in layered clothing as this will give you the chance to remove or even add layers to your clothing as the temperature changes. Try to stay out of the sun too as this can help.

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