Fiction: the story of kidnapped girl as she portrays her experience.

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They revealed to me I can't be utilized for the Sacrifice - Kidnapped Girl portrays her experience. 

long term old Ophilia Ocran ended up in a dim room when she acknowledged a lift from Baka Akyir to Sekondi. 

She was en route to work around 5: 30am a lady with a blue dark cantina vehicle with a man at the secondary lounge offered her a lift the youngster didn't see anything till she wound up at unidentified spot in a room without a ventilation. 

I acknowledged the lift on the grounds that a lady was driving ,I was totally lost,my sister and my companions called me to discover where I am nevertheless I was unable to disclose to them where I am she told our journalist Adesi Kumi. 

The youthful who looked pale and damaged said her cell phone was seized after calls from her relatives by the ones who later brought her porrage and bread . 

I got feeble and hungry so yet I petitioned God that they competed my life,later I heard them saying I have been dismissed by the "juju man" as penance . 

She said she was later "unloaded" at the premises of the Sekondi Sub - Metro office around 11pm and however she was very weak,she figured out how to discover her direction home. 

I express gratitude toward God for my life and won't acknowledge any offer even from an engine driver she said .

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