PRAYER: Lord, Give Me Eyes To See When I Should Serve You

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The account of Jesus' visit to Martha and Mary's home might teach you a lot. When Martha noticed that Mary wasn't helping her with the meal preparation, she interrupted Jesus and said, "Lord, this isn't fair. I'm in here doing all the work and she just sits there." Jesus' response must have shocked her: "Martha, you are stressed out about so many different things. Only one thing really matters, and Mary has chosen what is best."

Jesus was essentially encouraging Martha to take it easy and savor the occasion. He might be telling you the same thing right now. Being a diligent worker is admirable, but it's crucial that you also know when to take a break from your labor so that you can appreciate the benefits He is bringing into your life. If so, take a look at your agenda for today, decide which is best, and make any required changes. But keep in mind that, according to Jesus, seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness should be our first priority (Matt. 6:33).

The best use of our time today will undoubtedly be the private moments we spend with Jesus, listening to His beloved wards. Therefore, don't be so busy doing something for Him without sparing time to be with Him.

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