N11 billion will be spent in Lagos to feed schoolchildren.

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The Lagos State Government announced on Monday that the Snacks for Thought program had been budgeted for N11 billion.

The Snacks for Thought program was created to supplement the Federal Government's homegrown school feeding program, which only covered students in primary one to primary three, according to the statement.

The government went on to say that the crèche and primary four to primary six students would be fed through its feeding program.

Princess Aderemi Adebowale, the Special Adviser of the Office of Civic Engagement, stated this on Monday at a ministerial press conference in Alausa, Ikeja, to commemorate Governor Babajide Sanwo-second Olu's year anniversary.

“The government will spend N11 billion on this program,” she said. On this, we will collaborate with another organization. We have already enlisted the help of over 400 volunteers.”

“In order to curb this rising numbers, we need more than statutory allocations. This type of intervention will boost school enrollment and serve as a preventive security measure against crime and hooliganism, which could disrupt the state's socioeconomic life later.”

According to Adebowale, a UNICEF report from 2018 revealed that 229,264 pupils in Lagos State were out of school.

The special adviser also stated that the state's Mother, Infant, and Child program, which assists underprivileged pregnant women in the state, had benefited over 2,200 indigent pregnant mothers across 11 local government areas in the state.

“The indigent pregnant women were chosen from those who attend our Primary Healthcare Centre's in the state's 20 local government and 37 local council development areas,” she explained.

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