Unemployment: The problem in Ghana is lack of scientific thinking- Subin MP


The Member of Parliament for the Subin constituency, Mr Eugene Boakye Antwi has opined that Ghana's problem is not lack of intellectuals or skills but lack of scientific thinking.

Mr Eugene Boakye Antwi was contributing to discussions on a report by the Nationl Commission for Civic Education [NCCE], which identifies growing unemployment as a threat to national security.

"The problem of this country is not skills set, that we have in abundance. The problem of this country is scientific thinking", he said during the panel discussion on Metro TV on Wednesday.

The Subin legislator also alluded to the fact that although goverment is tackling the problem through initiatives like NACO, there is still more room for improvement.

On his part, Mr Kwesi Pratt, the Managing Editor of the Insight news paper, argues that job creation is a function of problem solving.

The host of the show, Mr Randy Abbey said the problem cannot be decoupled from political leadership.

Unemployment, particularly graduate unemployment has become a serious bane to Ghana's socio-economic development. More than 100,000 graduates are produced each year, with only 10% securing job in the first year after graduation. Report shows that majority of these graduates only manage to get employment after 10 years.

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