Requirements For starting A Mpesa Agent Business


Hello friends, i hope you are doing well. Starting a business or any side hustle, is everyone's dream. Starting an Mpesa shop has become everyone's business dream. Even though Mpesa business is one of the most profitable business, it still has it's challenges. There are also certain thresholds that needs to be meet, for you to operate an Mpesa agent business. Some of the requirements that you need includes the following;

1. Starting capital

It's quite funny, how people bother with other requirements, before considering the much needed capital. You can't start a business, without capital to fund it. Basically having 100, 000ksh, is what you need as your Mpesa float. Even other procedures requries money. So that is something you have to bear in mind

2. Registered limited company

If you are planning to start an Mpesa shop as any other shop, then am sorry to inform you that it won't work. You cannot start an Mpesa agent shop, without your company being active for more than six months. Basically this is a business that requires planning in advance. Not like a mitumba shop, where you are ready to go anytime. So if you are a beginner, you will have to wait for atleast six months.

3. Three outlets to offer Mpesa services

It's a requirement from safaricom, for you to have three outlets that offer Mpesa services under your company name.

4. Business permits

Taxation records from Kenya revenue authority, police clearance and bank license are also needed for your approval.