5 Subtle Signs Someone is Wealthy


When thinking about rich people, you probably have this idea of extreme opulence, fancy clothes, big flashy houses and brand names, but that's not actually the case. You see, the world of the rich is split into two parts; new money and old money. With new money, you can tell right away; someone just got rich, they splurge, they're loud, they're screaming look at me from every pore but that's not the full story.

Actually, the majority of the rich population is what is considered matured money, either passed down from generation to generation or self-made but through discipline and hard work. The thing is you might be in the same room with someone that's incredibly wealthy and have no idea how much they’re worth. Below are 5 subtle signs someone is wealthy.

1. Teeth, Hair, Posture and Skin

The biggest giveaway is how healthy they look starting from a general state of being to specifics. One of the first things rich people fix is their teeth, they make it a priority to have their teeth clean white and presentable. This doesn't mean having diamond grilles, instead, they focus on making sure their teeth don't distract from the conversation. There's no bigger turnoff than bad teeth.

Men will be properly groomed and ladies will usually have their hair professionally washed and coloured. You’ll never see the roots showing with these ladies or god forbid have the eyebrows black and their hair is blonde. Speaking of eyebrows, it's also one of the big giveaways if they're groomed to look natural, not the tattooed type or those skinny worm-like lines they draw on their forehead. Because they can afford it, they fix minor imperfections on their skin. They look healthy and radiant.

2. Clothes and Shoes Are Not Brand Names, They’re Bespoke

You're probably thinking rich people are all over the Gucci and the CK but you'd be wrong, they aren't. this is one of the reasons these two brands are focusing their efforts on younger demographics that are trying to look rich. Out of the big brands, Hermes is probably the only one who maintained its appeal to the truly rich. This might come as counterintuitive to some of you but in the high net-worth circles, there is a saying that goes like; “money talks, wealth whispers.”

They care about the lifetime value of the purchase, about the quality of the materials used and they go for timeless designs. Almost everyone who's really rich has a personal tailor who makes adjustments or creates their clothes in the case of both sexes but more predominantly women. The quality of the shoe is a big subtle hint as to how much someone's worth.

3. They're Private About Their Finances

Really wealthy people rarely show off their finances or boast about how much money they have. Making a big deal about being rich is a sign someone is looking for validation while true rich people already have it. They might even use phrases like “I don't care about that stuff, the family lawyer handles that.” When it comes to rich people and rich families, they usually have a financial advisor on board, which makes sure the family is doing well. They take care of their portfolio and manage their assets for them. Privacy is the biggest luxury of our generation.

4. They Have Social Greys

Have you ever seen people who fit perfectly into any social setting? They look like they're floating; they talk to everybody, they ask questions not always polite and people love being around them. This is because social skills are incredibly important when it comes to climbing and maintaining your position in the social hierarchy. There are some places where you can't go alone and the rich society knows to stick together because they understand that their network is their net worth.

5. They Spend Money to Save Time, Not Time To Save Money

A big tell comes from the way they spend money in relation to time. It's often that you'll see some people drive 30 minutes to the other side of the city to save GH₵ 5 on gas or groceries. Taking a helicopter from the airport to the city or a private jet to a certain event can definitely be a pretty obvious sign someone's rich, but this type of thinking transpires into everyday actions. The biggest difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.


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