Lady Fights Pastors Hand Off During Deliverance in Viral Video


A video that has just gone viral on Instagram portrays a session in which a Pastor was praying for people in the crowd and got around a lady that he was compelled to pray for.

In the video, the lady can be seen resisting every attempt that the pastor was making to pray for her. For whatever reason that the lady would not allow the Pastor pray for her is unknown.

When such situations arise, it is easy to believe straightforward that it could be the work of a demon.

In these scenarios, the member can be held for the Pastor to pray for him or her. This was the case as another member of the church tried to hold the lady for the Pastor to go on with his prayers.

It still did not work as the lady Fights them both off. What do you think could be the cause of this reaction.

Could it be a demonic attack or a deliberate attempt to resist prayer.

Why is the lady in church in the first place?

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