Get the Peace of Mind that Everyone Deserves


Our minds are the driving force and the direction that runs our lives, from time to time it gets faulty but that's okay because you can always factory reset it, right? Unfortunately it doesn't work that way, we find it hard to forgive ourselves for even the slightest mistakes, we carry heavy burdens and labels in our hearts and we refuse to let go. So how can we live free from any worry and anxiety? Is it even possible?

God says it might be impossible with men but with Him everything is possible, the scripture further associates worrying to pagans and non believers. How little can our faith be, do we even have any left? Do I believe that I can do ALL things? Am I fearfully and wonderfully made? Do I believe that God has a great purpose for me? Do I feel loved, cared for, protected, happy and satisfied?

Gratitude attitude

Many people choose to focus on what is negative, our world view point is skewed towards negativity, this makes us unhappy and uncertain. On the other hand we have so much blessings that goes unnoticed, we don't take time to focus on what matters.

Take time everyday to look at what has worked, what a beautiful day it has been, through all ups and downs there must be a reason to give thanks. The scripture encourages us to give thanks in everything.

Love yourself

All you see might be faults and things that are wrong with you, life may not seem pleasant or worth living, nothing to be excited about? Think again, see yourself as the best there will ever be and you will be exactly that.