Boris Johnson takes a walk to Pizza Pilgrims meanwhile urging people not to take Covid19 lightly


The Prime Minister's strong rhetoric and big strong voice was amplified when he cautioned people not to take too many liberties with the exception that comes with the easing down of lockdown regulations.

Secondly, the Prime Minister also made people aware that he is concerned that globally people are taking the virus lightly all over the world and they should be aware they can spread the deadly virus.

His message resonated more with with the youth whom he slightly took a swipe at by saying that they are mingling too much, and unfortunately they are not observing social distancing.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday people in some parts of the world had taken too many liberties with COVID-19 guidance and that young people should understand that they could spread the deadly virus. Noting all of this, Prime Minister says; there will be tough times ahead. And the retail sector, shopping malls, clearly have been feeling the squeeze on their business model for long time.

Summing up, Boris Johnson seemingly remains optimistic about the future of Britain despite existing challenges.

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