8 Parenting Rules Beyoncé And Jay-Z Lay Down For Their Kids

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are one of the powerful couples of the American entertainment industries with a combined net worth of up to a billion dollars. But even with such a successful career, these two celebrities decided to start a family together and are currently focusing on raising their three kids Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir together. In order to make sure that these kids grow up to become even more than their parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have laid down some parenting rules for their kids and we are going to take a look at 8 of those rules right away.

8 parenting rules Beyoncé and Jay-Z lay down for their kids

8. A little help doesn't hurt

Since Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a career that demands much of their time, they get help from nannies in order to help their children follow the same parenting approach they laid down in a book in their absence.

The nanny make sure she teachers Blue Ivy the contents of the nanny rule book which is called the daily program, specifically designed for Blue Ivy when she was growing up, and it is updated subsequently by Beyonce.

7. Lots of Love

Photo: Beyoncé showing love to her kids

Jay-Z once revealed to the Sunday Times that feeling love is the most important thing a child needs when growing up. As such, he and his wife Beyonce ensures that their kids are loved at all times.

Beyoncé spends quality time with her kids when they are growing up in order to understand their personalities, and she also doesn't encourage physical punishments like spanking on her kids.

As part of loving her kids, she gave them the opportunity to follow any religion they want to follow, and fall in love with any race as long as they remain compassionate, authentic, and, respectful, she told Vogue.

6. Encouraging music

Photo: Blue Ivy holding her Grammy award

Even though Beyoncé and Jay-Z allow their three kids Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir the freedom to choose and follow their own career paths, they still encourage music in the house. Blue Ivy is already making the most of this rule as she has already started a career in music where she landed her first Grammy Awards early this year for the music video Brown skin girl.

Photo: Blue Ivy dancing

Blue Ivy generally loves singing, and her father Jay-Z revealed that she has a natural talent for music because he once started playing the beat and Blue Ivy grabs the headphones, climb on a little stool and started rapping, he said.

5. Emotions are encouraged

Beyonce and Jay z encourages their kids to be open with their emotions and feelings which in turn helps them to be self-aware and kind. Beyonce also told vogue how she wants her son to have a high emotional IQ where he is free to be caring truthful and honest.

4. Spending time together

Beyoncé and Jay-Z realize the importance of spending time together in order to bond really well as a family as money alone cannot buy happiness. As such, the family of five always hang out together whenever they have the chance just like in 2018 where Beyonce took all three kids on tour to hang out together backstage.

Photo: Beyoncé and Jay-Z having a quality time with their kids.

The couples also make it a priority to always have family dinner regularly together. Jay-Z even mention in 2011 that parenting has its ups and downs but the biggest reward is sticking around. This really goes a long way to show how spending time together means a lot for this couple and their family.

3. Body positivity

Photo: Beyonce Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir.

Beyoncé has always been in support of the body positivity movement where people with larger size bodies or different colours of skin are encouraged to love and feel confident about themselves. Therefore, Beyoncé is constantly teaching her kids to love themselves, stressing out how beautiful they are in their dark skin and natural hair.

Most of her music videos are about loving oneself through adversities, and she also finally accepted her body fully as it is after giving birth to her three kids.

2. Choosing their own career path.

Photo: Blue Ivy is playing her fashion

Jay-Z and Beyonce manages to make it to the top tier of the music industry, but they didn't impose it on their children to become like them. Rather, the couple always encourages their kids to carve and follow their career paths. This means that Blue Ivy or any of her siblings may decide to become a model, lawyer, banker, politician, musician, etc, and their parents will be totally okay with that.

Jay-Z even once told the Sunday Times that what if his child doesn't want to be in the music of sports? And he went on to answer the question saying, anything is possible as long as your child feels supported and loved.

Beyoncé also stressed out how it is important to her that her kids see themselves as CEO and bosses who can write scripts for their own lives and speak their minds.

1. Being guides in a supportive environment

Photo: Beyoncé and Jay-Z supporting their kids.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z ensure that family comes first and career comes second when it comes to parenting their kids. They ensure that they provide their kids with a loving and supportive environment to arouse their curiosity, confidence, and self-reliance.

Jay-Z even mentions that parents are guides for their kids to help them find the right path. Therefore, in order to help build the confidence of Blue Ivy as a person of colour, Beyoncé and Jay-Z hired a confidence coach for their little girl since when she was 5 years old.

Photo: Beyoncé and Blue Ivy

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