White prophet caught on camera claiming to be removing demons from a young man

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Source: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMN6spWGF/?k=1

Our culture and spiritually has now become a joke on social media, the use of cameras has been exposing what Sangomas and prophets are doing to people in our communities. A video shared on social media left people stunned by a white prophet who is practicing African spirituality. Watching the video the white prophet can be seen and heard shouting at the young man calling demons out of his body. Church members who attended the scene stood afar as they couldn't stand what was happening between the prophet and the young man. By simply looking at the congregation behind them you can tell that the prophet posses African spirituality, man actually has Isithunywa in him. Most misunderstood spirituality, among black people.

After the prayer the young man opened his eyes looking like a change man who would never return back to the life he lived before attending the church. Opinion: Our people need to learn the importance of going to church, these days our lives come across changes that needs nothing but a combined prayer.

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