Bet strategy to earn you ksh 12800 per week. Try it


This is all gamblers want but always they find losing their hardly earned money to the bookies. Always take betting as an investment,stop being greedy be patient and at the end you wanna realize you are not same again.

Here is a plan that will assure you of a win throughout a week. At the end of the day you will find that you have quite some reasonable amount.

You only need about ksh 200 to start the investment.

Daily find an accumulator bet with a total of 2.5 odds daily,this means that your betslip should not have more than three games.

Let's start...

Day 1: 200×2.5, you have about ksh 400.

Day 2:400 ×2.5, that's gets you a total of ksh 800.

Day 3:800×2.5,that's ksh1600.

Day 4:1600×2.5,you get ksh 3200

Day 5:3200×2.5,ksh 6400

And day 5 you get a cumulative total of ksh 12800. All you need is find odds that you sure and if you aren't confident the don't mess up.

No withdraw until the fifth day.after winning relax and use your money wisely.

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