Basic Things You Should Know About Hybrid Cars

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A hybrid car is a car that has two sources of power, and that is power from the internal combustion engine and the other is from the car battery.

Here are some basic things you should know about Hybrid cars;

1. A hybrid car has 2 batteries, the high voltage battery and a small battery which is 12 voltage. If the small battery fails then the car can't start.

2. A battery of a hybrid car can't work alone, it works together with an internal combustion engine. The efficiency of a big battery depends on ventilation, thus this car is not good for the people who live in dusty areas like a desert because the dust will keep on blocking the ventilation system.

3. The battery efficiency of a hybrid car reduces with time, But when the battery fails you don't need to replace the battery, rather you should use a scanner to see which cell has died. After knowing that then replace it.

4. Toyota company which is among companies that produce hybrid cars gives a warranty of 10 years.

5. A hybrid car has a software system which is installed in it.

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