Arsenal turning into old Chelsea

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Some years back, while Chelsea were busy signing experienced players like Deco, Anelka, Ballack, Chevchenko, Torres and more, their London rival Arsenal, were busy selling their experienced players and signing younger players with little or no experienced

Then, most fans were criticizing Chelsea for the kind of players they were signing, many fans were saying that the Blues were signing players that are due for retirement

But the Blues played 2 UEFA champions leagues finals, won one with their experienced players, they won almost all trophy necessary for a top team to win

Now, the situation is happening vice versa, as Chelsea are now the ones selling their experienced players while Arsenal are now going for experienced players like Willian, David Luis and more

They are looking to extend the contract of their 31 year old Gabonese international attacker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

some Chelsea fans are now criticizing Arsenal for the age range of the players they have currently signed

Yet, the Gunners comfortably defeated Chelsea by 2-1 to lift the English FA cup on 1st of August at Wembley stadium and the Chelsea team that are younger, went though the season without any trophy

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