"Don't be Afraid Omicron is not as it Seems" as Health Minister Eases Tension of the Masses

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According to health minister Joe Phaahla, there is "absolutely no compelling reason to freeze" about the rise of the Omicron variant and fears of a fourth wave of Coronavirus contaminations because the country is prepared to deal with it.

He added that the government is enlisting the help of a few countries that have forced travel boycotts against South Africa in order to change that "unjustifiable" decision.

A few officials said in a media briefing on Monday that they were not surprised and had predicted the fourth wave of contaminations earlier this year.

"We must emphasize that there is no compelling reason to freeze." There is simply no reason for some of the heads of states who have imposed travel restrictions on us in South Africa and other Southern African countries.

"There is no reason for South Africans to freeze. We've been here before; this isn't a new territory for us. "In terms of Coronavirus, different variations and waves, we have over 20 months of experience," Phaahla said.

SA has faced harsh criticism in the aftermath of revealing the rise of the variation. In any case, Phaahla remained cautious while thanking researchers for their perseverance.

"We are in an ideal situation managing a known foe," he said.

Despite a lack of trust demonstrated by certain networks, Gauteng wellbeing DDG Dr Freddy Kgongwana stated that the area was ready and had adequate capacity to handle a fourth wave.

"We can't deny that there are difficulties. The issue is that we want to assure networks that we are prepared for the fourth wave.

"We are aware of the level of uncertainty that exists in our networks, but we have gone through three waves and are confident that we are going through the fourth wave, and we will make proper decisions on time for whatever curves or choices that fourth wave will introduce," said Kgongwana.

The Department of Global Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) bemoaned the decision by countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Sri Lanka, Oman, Japan, Thailand, and Mauritius to impose travel restrictions on South Africa and other countries in light of Omicron.

Clayson Monyela of the division stated: "It's extremely regrettable and heartbreaking to talk about travel restrictions... This choice is ridiculous and inappropriate because it is not based on science. We, as Dirco, are connecting all of the nations that have made this choice in order to persuade them to reverse their decision."

The boycotts have caused dissatisfaction among explorers, with some abandoning their ships.

Monyela stated that the division had assembled a team to handle the crucial consular administrations.

On Sunday, President Cyril Ramaphosa slammed the boycott movement against Southern African nations, calling it outlandish, prejudicial, and unsupported by science.

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