Between Cosyee, BustyGh And Ada La Pinky, Who Is More Endowed With heavy chest?


Ada La Pinky, BustyGh and Cosyee are gorgeous models who are endowed with heavy chests (Breast) and are causing massive commotions on the media with their huge chests. These three models are all endowed with heavy chests but between the three which of them do you think is more endowed with heavy chests.

Ebere Ada

Ebere Ada is one of the hottest Instagram models from Nigeria who is widely known as Ada La Pinky. She is an actress and a social media influencer and has been thrilling a lot with her huge front size. She has more than 330K followers on Instagram and her photos and videos have been causing commotions on the media.


BustyGh is a sensational model from Ghana who is popularly known on Instagram as the model with a heavy chest or and has a great number of followers. She is a brand ambassador and great media influencer whose heavy chest has been causing massive waves on the net.


Cosyee is a Nigerian model, influencer and ambassador who has been causing waves on the media with her huge chest. Her huge chest has always set fire on the media as she drops pictures and videos on the net.