Kiambaa Traders Left Counting Losses After UDA Leaders Failed to Turn Up in Large Numbers


The hustler's drive set up by the leaders from United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in an effort to support the local traders in Kiambaa were left counting losses after the leaders failed to turn up to buy their products.

The team led by UDA aspirants for Kiambaa parliamentary Njuguna Wanjiku promised to buy and promote the traders by buying goods not less than Ksh500. However, traders especially from the Kiharu ward were left counting losses after their leaders failed to come to buy in masses. The traders cited that the campaign meant to start at 12 pm was not followed as they failed to keep on time as others bailed out.

According to sources withheld some traders in the Rivaroni market complained that they bought an extra surplus of stock in order to meet the market after leaders promised to buy from them. One trader was argued saying, "We were told that they will buy our groceries and take some to a children's home. That's why we bought more groceries than on our normal days."

The Kiambaa race has attracted two major parties that is Jubilee Camp led by President Uhuru and the UDA camp led by Deputy President Ruto where they will set to battle it out in the forthcoming by-election dated 15th July 2021.