“I’m Scared Right Now” - See What I Found Inside The Ceiling Of A Newly Rented Apartment (photos)


As a new alumni from the Ogun State University and an ex-corper, the time had come to confront reality, away from my folks, and ust like Abraham in the Bible did: moved out of his dad's home, I did as well. While I was in my finale phase of my administration year, I was watching out for a loft and I discovered one. 

At long last, I found a moderate independent condo at Oshodi in Lagos State and I was stunned at what I found in that ceiling. At the point when I told the landlord of what I saw, he instructed me not to touch or even remove it.

It seemed like an immeasurably significant issue. I won't lie, I was somewhat terrified yet it was the least expensive condo I could manage. I asked some neighbor what it was and they revealed to me that it was a masquerade garment. 

Something else I understood was that carry out sort of rituals in the compound. A few days ago, I saw a few men singing a Yoruba songs in the compound. I'm a Christain and I don't have confidence in things like that yet I feel awkward.

See more photos below:

Please i need an advice because I don’t have money to move to another house.

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