10 Signs You Have a Love Addiction and Aren’t Actually in Love

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Yes, you have an addiction to love, and if you tend to fall in love very easily, you can have it. Here's how to find out if your love isn't real.

How to know if you have a love addiction so you can solve it and start finding true love

Love addiction is genuine and can prevent you from finding true love. Here's a way to know if you're definitely in love, and it's not a good way.

# 1 You are crazy about romantic comedy. This is a very important sign and goes back a long time. You probably saw a great romantic comedy when you were young and quickly addicted. Then he followed it up with basically every romantic comedy he could get.

It made you believe that the love of those movies is what it is in real life. And you try to imitate it. If you are a big fan of romantic movies to the point of seeing them over and over again, you may have a love addiction.

# 2 You will soon fall in love. And I mean you are on your second date and you are talking to someone who is in love with them. This is not how love works. You need to know who you are long before you can really fall in love with them. So, if you're the type of person who thinks you're really and completely in love in just a few days, you're likely to be crazy about feeling you're in love. You want to fall in love so much that you convince yourself that this person is that person. In other words, you were very "in love".

# 3 You are always anxious for a relationship. Even those who have the qualities you were talking about before you disliked them will be able to deal with basically anyone. If I don't have a partner, I use almost every dating app and try to be with someone just because I want to fall in love.

This is an addiction. You crave it and you need it to feel happy and fulfilling. In fact, no one is technically needed. If you panic about being single, no matter how rare it is, you will be a love addict. # 4 Let's go out with someone who is interested in it. Because you are anxious to be with someone. It doesn't really matter who it is. Second, you are completely in favor of them, as someone has shown a slight interest in you.

They will be all of you and you will shut down your rest of your life just to infest that person. This means that after a week you will fall in love with them and the cycle will continue. If you go out with most people who are interested in you, you may have a love addiction.

# 5 You are trying to please your partner too. Basically, when you're in a relationship, you're afraid to be thrown away. You do everything you can to keep them going, and it can sometimes be bad. That means you're off the line and overdoing it too fast. You are getting too strong.

And that's because you're crazy about love. You must be in love, and the idea that your partner doesn't love you is horrifying. Therefore, you do not disturb you as you want them to love you and keep you close. # 6 You are afraid of the misery of your partner. For the same reasons as above, you need to make your partner happy. When they are upset, you feel the need to intervene and make everything better, even if it's not with you.

It may look innocent enough, but you don't do it because you really care about them. You do it because they don't want you to get angry, because it's not like all those romantic movies you see. # 7 Being single is very scary to you. You can't just deal with being single. The idea of ​​being alone, even while you are in a relationship, bothers you very much. And when that moment finally comes, what happens if you have a love addiction, you can't handle it.

You will go to your friends and ask if they know the singles you can go out with. You will probably enter a downward spiritual spiral, thinking of ending alone. It's like abstinence due to love addiction.

# 8 I don't want to leave your partner. It's a problem when you're in a relationship and you don't want to leave your partner. Sure, ordinary couples like to be together, but it's not a big deal to go out and do things alone or with friends. If you can't stand to leave your partner, it's because you have an addiction to love. You need them to be there and always love you. Again, it's like experiencing abstinence from love.

# 9 Your friend tells you to be single for a while. That's really the case when your friends point out the problem. You can't ignore people who love you and care for you. They want to see you do great things, and they want the best for you.

If they encourage you to be single for a while, it's because they've noticed your addiction to love. Listen to them and get them to help you. It's worth it. [Read: 18 Ways to Build True Permanent Friendship]

# 10 You weren't really single. Remember when you were old enough to date someone. Did you start going out right away and didn't stop? If so, you probably have a love addiction. You can never leave love alone, and that's why you're always involved with someone.

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