Kenyans To Reap High With The New Friendly Directive On Gas Cylinders

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Kenyans using gas cylinders as a source of energy for cooking has now a relief after a new friendly directive, which now allows them to replace their empty gas cylinders with any other refilled brand was reached today.

The directive was reached by members of the Energy Dealers Association (EDA) after they held a meeting to easen the market conditions for their consumers. ln the meeting, they allowed to exchange different gas cylinder brands as long as the size is the same since all the containers are fitted with universal valves at the weighing scales.

Following a gazatte notice that was published today, consumers can now exchange the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders provided one is a member of the Energy Dealers Association (EDA).

The directive was also reached that suppliers and distributors of LPG to jointly exchange their cylinders for a period of five years.

The suppliers and distributors were also allowed to have their members increase their cylinder count by at least 10,000 per year per depot to increase and expand their markets.

The new directive also allowed the refill and resell of cylinders among the members of the association, a move that was banned in 2019 to tame rogue operatives in the industry.

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