Check Out Photos Of Some Nigerian Pastors Having Lovely Moments With Their Wives


Marriage was designated by God to be an avenue for love and companionship. On the grounds of marriage, a man and a woman can share intimacy and express love unashamedly to one another, because they are both deserving of it. Some may count public display of affection (PDA) as something is that is not needed, but in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a man expressing love for his wife before the eyes of many people.

The sobriety involved in the call of men of God mandates that they take a certain posture in the open so that they can remain, good models, before the people they are mentoring and fathering. Howbeit, once in a while, we see that some men of God break the norm and express love to their wives, sometimes in the most unusual ways, without the slightest bit of shame.

When you hear some pastors talk about the influence and impact their wives have had in their lives and ministry - from the groundwork till date - then it won't be a thing of a complaint or a means to debate when they openly express love to their wives in public. Here and there, some men of God have been photographed either kissing, hugging, cuddling, or dancing with their wives in the sight of all, and it is such a wonderful sight to behold.

Here are a few pictures where men of God have been seen having romantic moments with their wives, either in public or otherwise.

Pastor EA Adebayo shares a romantic moment with his wife, Folu Adebayo, during a book launch

Here is Pastor Adeboye showing the world how much he loves his wife, this time, it was during her 72nd birthday celebration.

Bishop Oyedepo romantically feeding his wife before all.

Pastor Paul Enenche gives how wife a romantic treat before the kids, reminding them that before they arrived, he was always in love with her.

Apostle Suleman knows how to give his wife a good treat. He is spotted here kissing his wife unashamedly before all.

Here, the man of God is dancing with his wife.

No matter how old they are, Apostle Suleman and his wife still create time for some child-like play.

David Ibiyeomie makes his wife laugh, such sweet husband-wife moments

Both couples couldn't have enough of themselves, as they were spotted sharing a gist.

Papa Ayo Oritsejafor knows how to give his wife some fanciful treat.

Here, the couple is spotted dancing together

Such romantic moments between the man of God and his wife.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi sure loves his wife and is not ashamed to show it to the world.

Here he is cuddling his beloved wife in his arms.