"My Life Changed Completely After I Took A Picture With Raila Odinga" Famous Kenyan Woman Say's

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Few years ago Sasha Mbote who is a Kenyan woman saw Raila Odinga she was star struck. During interview with one of online media channel Sasha Mbote opened up what she had been currently going through since she took a photo with Raila Odinga and posted it on her social media accounts.

According to Sasha Mbote she said that she met Raila Odinga and Jimmy Wanjigi in Zanzibar. She continued and said that she was on her own mission and when she saw Raila Odinga she was very excited and decided to take a photo with Raila. Furthermore, Sasha said that is Jimmy Wanjigi who took them photos and she new it was a great opportunity to meet with Raila Odinga.

Sasha said that she decided to post those pictures in her social media account and she didn't knew that they will go viral. When she woke up in the morning she found that she was trending everywhere and people are abusing her badly. Sasha continued and said that through cyber bullying she got online it resulted into depression. Below is a YouTube link video with full evidence.


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