No walk out of parliament as finance minister tables $100,000 loan each for the 275 MPs for cars.


When it comes to issues of conditions of service for themselves, there is no opposition in Ghana's parliament as both side of the house will wholeheartedly agree to any deal despite any repercussions on the economy of the state.

There are countless occasions when members of parliament have staged a walk out on even issues that could impact Ghananians positively but not issues pertaining to their wages and conditions of service as both sides of the house become one and agree wholeheartedly to each other views.

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, has tabled before parliament a car loan purchase agreement amounting to US$28 million for 275 Members of the parliament, Citi News has reported. 

This would mean each MP is expected to receive an amount of US$100,000 for the purchase of a vehicle which will be sourced from the National Investment Bank. 

The papers which have been presented before the Finance Committee of parliament will be considered and subsequently update the House with a report on the move. 

This issue has also become another topic for discussion as Ghananians have raised eyebrows about the feasibility of this move of always securing huge loans for parliamentarians to purchase brand new vehicles of their choices.

There are some parliamentarians who have been voted for more than four consecutive terms and this implies that ,such individuals have enjoyed the car loan for four times.

The vehicles are purchased brand new so it is quite surprising that all of them are given fresh loans to buy vehicles instead of the new entrants who may urgently need such vehicles for their parliamentary mandates.

Those who were re-elected can use the cars they bought the previous fours years as they would still be in good shape as most of these vehicles are bought brand new as a result of the quantum of the amount that are given to them for this purpose.

It is high time leaders of the state adjust their way of doing things in order to create enabling environment for all citizens to enjoy the national cake and not create a situation where it seems to be an exclusive preserve for the few privileged individuals at the top.

This amount can go a long way to set up some job opportunities for the teaming youth who pass out of the University on yearly basis with no hope of finding anything to do.