''I'm Ready To Go To Jail'' Mike Sonko Finally Respond After Anne Kananu Obtains A Tough Court Order

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The former governor of Nairobi county, The Honorable Mike Sonko, is now trending on all social media platforms after the current governor of Nairobi county, Anne Kananu obtained a court order barring him from posting defamatory material about her on social media. In return, Mike Sonko replied that he is not afraid of anything and that he is ready to go to jail. In the post, he wrote, ''Let me state categorically that I have not been served with any court order personally nor have I seen one. I have just seen news alerts that I have been gagged through the media. I can't be served through the media. So I will only obey court orders served to me personally. I will be writing to the judiciary seeking clarification. Nowadays you can be served with a fake order...''In your views and thoughts do you think Mike Sonko was right for exposing Mary Nkatha and the other judicial rots on his official social media platforms? Share below in the comment section and stay tuned on my page for all instant breaking news.

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