My Facebook Girlfriend and Instagram Boyfriend


My facebook Boyfriend And Instagram Girlfriend

Gone were the days that a guy needs to plan his proposal of a girl on a paper and rehearse like an actress before proposing to a girl.

And even the energy that this guy will put in such rehearsals isn't a small thing.

There are times after the guy has said all he has planned to tell the girl, the girl will end up by asking the guy if he has finish talking. She then walks off the guy. 

There are also some girls who will give guys their wrong names and wrong addresses to their house.

These and others were how issue of talking to a woman about love became until social media started showing its beautiful head.

Now guys are able to inbox a girl he has seen on facebook, ask her name and everything about her without them meeting physically.

They then exchange contact numbers and move to whatsapp. So they chat morning and night everyday constantly.

Due to that relationship has been easy nowadays comparing to former. But although it's easy it comes with its own style too.

Facebook style

Many people have taken the advantage of Facebook to propose to girls not because they love them but because it's a fashion.

Some visit their girls they had from facebook and realizes they aren't like the same girl they have been chatting with their faces aren't like their pictures and things fall apart.

Instagram style

Just like facebook, many guys live flamboyant lives on instagram, standing behind or infront of people's car to snap pictures to post on instagram.

Others borrow clothes from friends and brothers for photoshoot and most one after the other on instagram just for unecesary hype. They sit in their friends or family members parlour for a photoshoot and makes it seem as if it's their room.

So when the girls they get on IG visits them then they find themselves on a tight corner of whose room to take them to.

Girls and boys of today should be careful about the Facebook girlfriend and instagram boyfriend.

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