Harmonize Explains Why He Dumped Briana

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Offlate Harmonize has been trending online and the main reason is after he publicly apologized to Kajala and also pleaded with her to take him back.

However his statements were so confusing because most people knew that he was in love with his Australian girlfriend Briana and the two have been spotted together several times.

Harmonize has openly come out to address the reasons why he is no longer together with Briana. Through an Instagram post. 

Harmonize said that one of the main reasons why they have parted ways is because he is not ready to live in Australia and Briana is not ready to live in Tanzania. According to Harmonize it was just a mutual agreement.

Here is the screenshot of Harmonize's words. (courtesy of Kenya Gossip).

Here is the link to the full story on Facebook.


Harmonize said that now he is back in Tanzania and he is hoping to find a Tanzanian lover, and this is the reason he is begging Kajala to accept him back. Indeed love sometimes can be challenging, you might have everything but finding true love may become a bigger problem for you. Most of the famous Tanzanian artists are really struggling with love. 

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