All hail the Queen of Okyeman, Akyempem- Ohemaa Tima Kumkum 11

Ghana has a rich culture which is toured by foreigners. Some of the activities that forms the elements of the Ghanaian culture include dancing, fashion, food, plays etc.

One of the most seen element of the Ghanaian culture is the wearing of African prints which always cause massive stir among the public.

Since Ghana celebrated her 64th birthday, most celebrities has taken it upon themselves to promote our beutiful culture including, TV3 presenters and UTV.

Television presenter Cynthia Tima Yeboah popularly known as Tima Kumkum has openly admitted that she is happy in life at the moment and love her country, Ghana.

Tima Kumkum was spotted wearing a beautiful Kente cloth representing the Queen of Okyeman, Akyempem. She wrote; All hail the Queen of Okyeman, Kyempem. My father comes from Akyem Oda and when is time for the beautiful culture of the Fantes, I will promote that one too.

Here are some African prints that are mostly seen during the celebration of Akan culture in the country.