VIDEO: DJ Mahoota also splashes champagne on his watch

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The mystery entertainment follows AKA and Nadia Nakai's social media appearance, during which they were rumored to be dating and later splashed alcohol on their Rolex watches.

Mahoota, who is more than 50 at the moment, is celebrating at that entertainment venue the very same way AKA did, who is less than 40 years old. Entertainment does not have a limit, but on social media is seen as something that you have an end to other ways of having entertainment.


Mahoota is a DJ, and in the space he chose for himself, what he did is part of the hype, usually what entertainers are doing all the time. Everyone who was around him when he had a light moment was not against him, and they saw what he was doing very beautifully for the night.

He is not against anyone or doing anything wrong to anyone; he is simply doing something that makes him happy, and he is not destroying anything from the other person. If he destroys the watch, it is his, and when AKA was doing it, the very similar comment was made on the timeline.



1. Lunga: This is childish.

2. Ndlovu: Mahoota is almost 60 years old.

3. Nando: Where are the watches on discount or something? Why all the sudden?

4. Don: Some things are useless, What is the point of doing this stupid act?

5. Kekeletso: Imagine this guy being a grandfather to someone.

6. Calvin: He should be ashamed of himself.


If the next person finds something interesting and you are not happy with it, it does not create tension or hate for that person who is only having fun. They are both doing it because their watches are proven to be water resistant, and they are doing a demonstration while having fun in their respective locations.

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