"I'd rather die of hinger" Twitter reacted weirdly to a man who braggs about eating an octopus

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A man who goes by the name of Kiem left people don't know how to feel. This comes after this man posted the picture of his scrumptious meal of an octopus, spinach, and steam bread. It is no secret that people who grew up in suburbs eat different food from people who grew up in rural areas.

According to several health experts, people who live in suburbs are living a healthy lifestyle; compared to people who live in rural areas because people who live in the suburbs are exposed to information regarding health and healthy nutrition. Kiem was set to eat his delicious meal and he decided to flaunt his meal on Twitter "Supper is severed" said Kiem bragging about eating octopus.Twitter users hopped into the comment section and reacted to this man who eats octopus. Many were saying they will never eat an octopus "I'd rather die of hunger" said a Twitter user. Some people were just finding this man strange for eating such "Y'all gonna eat us one day" said a Twitter user. Some people were wondering how does an octopus taste"How dies it taste? Heard people say it's delicious" asked a curious Twitter user.

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