"Asante For Endorsement" Martha Karua Accepts An Endorsement To A Powerful Position In 2022 Poll

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Martha Karua is one of the most powerful female political leaders in the country. Although she is not in government, she has still be fighting tirelessly for many vulnerable tax payers and for that reason, she is liked and loved by many people who have been endorsing her for various elective seats in the 2022 general election.

Today, the Narc Kenya party leader was endorsed by David Makali for a very powerful position in 2022 poll. Through his official twitter account, Makali endorsed Karua for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial position as he urged the residents of Kirinyaga to elect the Iron lady when time comes.

As we are currently speaking, Martha Karua has broken her silence as she accepted David Makali's endorsement by thanking him.

Whether Martha Karua will take Makali's endorsement seriously and go for the Kirinyaga county gubernatorial seat or she will decide to go for a more powerful seat is not yet known for now but definitely, time will tell.

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