Maina Kageni's Dinner Plate of Kuku Kienyeji and Mboga Excites Kenyans Online


Celebrated Kenyan Radio Host, Maina Kageni has caused quite a stir online after he shared a photo of him ready to enjoy a plate full of Natural Kenyan delicacies as he made a trip to Kirinyaga county this Sunday. Maina is quite huge on healthy eating as his keen preference for natural food as opposed to processed or junk dieting has enabled him to keep going strong and maintain his small framed body,something he even speaks fond on on his morning show om radio.

It is would be interesting to note that this is not Maina's first time to share a photo of his preffered diet to the public as the cultured journalist cam bachelor has previously posted photos of the natural Farm fetched meals he likes mostly urging fellow kenyans to adopt his choice of the Culinary delights.

Taking to his instagram page, Maina posted his dinner plate that had boiled kienjeji kuku and some boiled vegetables to help down the chicken wings which he had been served which has now been a common thing for the lad to enjoy as a preference.Maina post has since elicited alot of reactions on his timeline as some kenyans hilariously came out to question the classic 105 presenter on how he has managed to keep his thin frame while he is able to enjoy such delicacies while others simply lauded how simple but nutritious the plate was. Below are some of the comments that netizens shared as they opined on Maina's food plate;


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