Irate Crowds Stage Protests After a Horrific Accident Along Outering Road

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Irate residents have blocked the busy Outering road in Nairobi County after a horrifying road accident.

According to sources a speeding motorist has knocked down and killed a young man causing the uprising.

Locals who were baying for blood moved in swiftly trying to stone and burn a vehicle before the driver took to his heels.

Currently, police officers have moved to the scene to try and control the huge traffic snarl up that has currently build up.

Residents have however vowed the body of the young man will not be moved till their grievances are addressed.

Lately the number of innocent kenyans losing their lives to deadly road accidents has been on the rise.

A majority of these accidents have been caused by over speeding drivers while some were also reportedly driving drunk.

Police officers have been urging all motorists to try and slow down to avoid such occurrences.

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Apolo... We have foolish people who don't want to use footbridge and end up crossing the road when footbridge is just few meters. Outering is a highway used by many vehicles and pedestrians expect everyone on the road should be stopping for them to cross.

Mutai... I'll advise Nairobians to use the footbridges always while crossing.

Lovy... Pedestrians always cross the road directly,they don't use the footbridges erected along outer ring road, especially Mutindwa,kware ,tassia fedha and pipeline stages.Kenha should intervene imediately and build a barrier in between the road so as to bar them from crossing directly.

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