7 Signs That Show Your Blood Is Not Flowing Well

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If a person's blood is not flowing as it should, it is an indication that they are suffering from poor blood circulation, which is a serious health problem that can be life-threatening. This is due to the fact that blood is one of the most vital fluids that the body contains. It transports oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body and is responsible for the circulation of blood throughout the entire body.

The following are some indications that your blood circulation is not as healthy as it should be, as described in an article published by Medical News Today. In the event that you encounter any of these symptoms, you should take them very seriously and seek immediate medical assistance.

1. A tingling or numbing sensation in your hands and feet

This is one of the most prevalent symptoms that indicate blood is not circulating properly throughout the body. Because blood is unable to flow to the extremities, a person may experience numbness in their hands and feet. You can also experience something called tingling, which is described as feeling like pins and needles.

2. Cold Hands And Feet

This poor circulation of blood also generates a feeling of coldness in the hands and feet.

3. Skin Colour Changes

If the tissues of the body do not receive a enough quantity of oxygenated blood, it is possible for those portions of the body, such as the lips, nose, hands, and feet, to change color and appear white or blue.

4. Edema

This occurs when there is insufficient blood circulation in the lower extremities, which leads to the accumulation of fluid in those areas. It most frequently presents itself as swelling in the leg, ankle, or foot.

5. Memory Loss

Memory loss and an inability to concentrate may be the result of a decrease in the amount of blood that flows to the brain.

6. Visible Varicose Veins

People who stand for extended periods of time on a regular basis are more likely to develop varicose veins. It's possible that poor blood circulation is what's causing them to become apparent, and it can also make it harder for blood to get to the heart.

7. Fatigue

When your blood circulation is poor, you will also experience a decrease in your levels of energy. Because of this, you will feel exhausted all the time.

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