Maria Series: William Gives Luwi Great Advice As He Steps Into Marriage


Maries series which has been airing on Citizen Tv at 7:30pm is coming to an end on Friday 19th. It has been captivating to all viewers and has impacted many people life with great lessons. Though the end is near,it has really done the best as a local drama in our country Kenya.

Luwi,who is the first born son to William Hausa is now ready to tie a knot with Maria. William has taken his time and gave his son piece of advice as a married man.

1) Honest

William has told his son to be always honest with his wife. There are times you do things like a husband and father but at times you will be forced to think like a man. You are the head of the family be firm enough.

2) Committment

Be committed to your wife,and to the marriage. There are days you will feel that the union is a mistake and wish to be far away from the person you have but hang there and it will work.

3) Love your Wife

Love your wife and remember all actions you do will have consequences. William has used himself as an example to his son. Though he has assured that he loved his wife Vicky despite what had happened and they were able to sail through the tough journey of marriage.

William has presented the real role of a father. He has admitted his mistakes and has wished best for his son in marriage by giving out the above advices.

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